Cloud Interoperability Week

On the last week the URV presented the CloudSpaces project to the attendants of the Cloud Inteoperability Week at the EGI Technical Forum that took place in Madrid, Spain from 16 to 20 September 2013.

The event was hosted by and IBERGRID, a partnership between the Spanish and Portuguese National Grid Initiatives that represents the Iberian Peninsula in EGI.

The Cloud Interoperability Week and aimed to set out short and medium term objectives towards the longer-term goal of producing an ecosystem of interoperable cloud solutions.The event brought together a variety of diverse communities around the need to co-operate to utilise, standardise and enable the interworking of different approaches. 

Our presentation consisted in a first general overview of the CloudSpaces project and then putting a special focus on Work Package 4 (CloudSpaces Share), which is aimed to define standards to allow heterogeneous Personal Clouds inteoperability. We introduced the public to StackSync, which will be the proof-of-concept for the interoperability, and provided a use case scenario where a user in StackSync pretends to share with a user in Ubuntu One.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

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