First year review of the Cloudspaces Project in Brussels

After working hard on the Cloudspaces project during a whole year, it was time to explain our developments and activities to the EU committee in Brussels. This was the first time that the project reviewers met with the Cloudspaces consortium partners, so it was very important let them know the project achievements in a pretty clear way in order to understand both the complexity of our tasks and the effort done in these twelve months.

All partners had the chance to advocate their work. The meeting was started by the academic partners: URV as the project coordinator, explained the main results achieved by the team as well as the management plan and the communication plan for the Cloudspaces project; EPFL impressed the audience with their first developments of the Privacy-aware data model; and EURECOM got the attention of reviewers by introducing their development on cloud storage robustness. Regarding to industrial partners, EyeOS presented a demo of the integration of StackSync and their virtual OS, letting EyeOS' users the possibility of keeping their data in a secure personal cloud. Furthermore, TISSAT explained to reviewers their work on the platform that supports StackSync; and last but not least, Canonical showed their proposal of the interoperability API that avoids the current vendor lock-in problem and will ease data exchange between cloud storage providers.

We are very proud of the feedback received by the EU reviewers and officer, who encouraged us to keep on working on the project and congratulated us for the work done in this first year. Of course, they also pointed some little issues to be improved and the Cloudspaces consortium accepted them as a valuable feedback to boost the project in the next year.

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