Introducing StackSync to the RedIRIS community

After presenting the StackSync project in the RedIRIS technical meeting in Madrid (October 2013), we received several feedback and comments from technicians in this community, that are interested in our solution. That’s why in order to spread the word especially to those organizations in the community that did not attend to the RedIRIS meeting, we have recently participated in an online video-session where we shared our project and experiences. In this video-session the audience had the chance to know other Personal Cloud projects in the community, concretely an Owncloud deployment at the Universidad de Sevilla.

It was a great chance to exchange results, issues and goals, as well as let us explain the audience the benefits of using an adaptable and secure Personal Cloud like StackSync in comparison to Owncloud.

In the wake of this meeting, we are also working in collaboration with the RedIRIS Headquarters to provide StackSync to the whole community. RedIRIS has always been committed to boost local projects so that the community takes advantage of it. This will evolve in the following weeks, so stay tuned to this blog to know more about this project and how you can benefit from it.

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