CloudSpaces obtains the OCEAN Open Cloud distinction

We are glad to announce that the CloudSpaces project has been evaluated by the OCEAN project team and received the Quality Checked by OCEAN label.

The OCEAN Open Cloud labels recognize innovative assets, new concepts, architecture documentation and/or re-usable open source cloud components described in the Open Cloud Directory (OCD). You can check the CloudSpaces project as described in the Open Cloud Directory:

Only 20 over 74 open cloud projects in the OCD received an OCEAN Open Cloud label. 13 projects obtained the Reviewed by OCEAN label 2014, and only 7 projects, including the CloudSpaces project, obtained the Quality Checked by OCEAN label 2014.

To discover the 20 open source cloud projects that received an OCEAN Open Cloud Label in October 2014, just download the OCEAN Open Cloud Directory PDF brochure. Included links and QR codes will help you access to project details - technologies, licenses and classification.


Introducing StackSync to the RedIRIS community

After presenting the StackSync project in the RedIRIS technical meeting in Madrid (October 2013), we received several feedback and comments from technicians in this community, that are interested in our solution. That’s why in order to spread the word especially to those organizations in the community that did not attend to the RedIRIS meeting, we have recently participated in an online video-session where we shared our project and experiences. In this video-session the audience had the chance to know other Personal Cloud projects in the community, concretely an Owncloud deployment at the Universidad de Sevilla.

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StackSync website & source code

Recently, we have published the community website of StackSync ( where we plan to keep users informed about the progress we are making. You can find documentation about how it is built, how to deploy it, or download links to get StackSync for a variaty of platforms.

We have also uploaded the source code to GitHub ( and, from this moment on, we will continue our development on GitHub. Feel free to contribute on any of the projects we are undertaking.

First year review of the Cloudspaces Project in Brussels

After working hard on the Cloudspaces project during a whole year, it was time to explain our developments and activities to the EU committee in Brussels. This was the first time that the project reviewers met with the Cloudspaces consortium partners, so it was very important let them know the project achievements in a pretty clear way in order to understand both the complexity of our tasks and the effort done in these twelve months.

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StackSync recent awards

We are very proud to announce that StackSync has received a couple of awards from the local institutions in Tarragona, Spain.

First, we were awarded with the third prize at the X Premis ReusEmpresa, with the goal of rewarding the top three business ideas from entrepreneurs in the province of Tarragona and encourage them to create a company in 2013. For more information about these awards, please, click here.

We also received a recognition prize at the first edition of the Premis Emprèn offered by the Diputació de Tarragona in the category Emprèn i Sorpren, focused with innovative business projects, which offer a ideas from different points of view that the existing, being creative, resourceful and pioneer in the region. For more information about these awards, please, click here.

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