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Big Foot

Big Data Analytics of Digital Footprints

The aim of BigFoot is to design, implement and deploy a Platform-as-a-Service solution for processing and interacting with large volumes of data coming from ICT Security, Smart Grid and other application areas. The BigFoot stack builds upon and contributes to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and the Apache OpenStack project.


LEADS project

Large-scale elastic architecture for data-as-a-service

LEADS builds a decentralized framework over an elastic collection of micro-clouds. It provides means to gather, store and query public versioned Web information, enriched with private data. The platform accounts for privacy, security, energy-efficiency, availability, elastic scalability, and performance. It will be validated on use-cases involving the crawling of Web data and its exploitation in real application domains.



Scalability Management for Cloud Computing

The goal of CloudScale is to aid service providers in analysing, predicting and resolving scalability issues, i.e. support scalable service engineering. The project extends existing and develops new solutions that support the handling of scalability problems of software-based services.



Open Computing Infrastructures for Elastic Services

After decades in which companies used to host their entire IT infrastructures in-house, a major shift is occurring where these infrastructures are outsourced to external operators such as Data Centers and Computing Clouds. To allow open access to shared computing resources, the vision of the CONTRAIL project is that any organization should be able to be both a Cloud provider when its IT infrastructure is not used at its maximum capacity, and a Cloud customer in periods of peak activity.



Surfing Towards the Opportunity of Real Migration to cloud-based public services

STORM CLOUDS aims at deeply exploring how the needed shift by Public Authorities to a cloud-based paradigm in service provisioning should be addressed, mainly from the point of view of the end-users, and taking full advantage of edge ICT.



Interoperable Trust Assurance Infrastructure

The main objective of the INTER-TRUST project is to develop a dynamic and scalable framework to support trustworthy services and applications in heterogeneous networks and devices, based on the enforcement of interoperable and changing security policies, addressing the needs of developers, integrators and operators.


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