eyeOS is a web platform that provides a remote virtual desktop for the end user.

The overall user experience is strongly influenced by the classic desktop design, widely known thanks to the most popular operating system on the market. eyeOS Personal Web Desktop includes several features such as: file manager, contacts, groups and other collaborative capabilities. eyeOS Personal Web Desktop is a disruptive technology that fits in perfectly with the CloudSpaces Open Personal Cloud paradigm.

One of the key values that eyeOS provides is the possibility to work directly with files in the cloud. eyeOS does not require users to manually download any files onto their computer nor is it necessary to install anything locally, so the experience is totally transparent: users just log into a website and start working with their files normally.

Within the eyeOS platform, one of its key features is file management. It provides an interface that allows the user to access the files stored in their Personal Cloud directly from the browser, with an experience similar to the file manager of any desktop operating system, such as Microsoft Windows or GNU/Linux. For example users can see any documents they have stored online on Stacksync and NEC, create directories, move files, share documents, etc.

In order for eyeOS to provide these services to the user, it needs to communicate with the Personal Cloud to obtain all the user information it needs. This communication is made using the Storage API and it provides all the resources necessary that allows the user to manage their files efficiently.

User can share their information with other users, regardless of the Personal Cloud that they use (interoperability). For example, a Stacksync user can share files with another Stacksync user of with another NEC user. eyeOS provides an interface that helps the user at all times to decide whether the carpet should continue to be shared and which users may access it.

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