PrivySeal: Share data on the cloud privately!

PrivySeal is a software that provides easily usable privacy technologies to end users who want to share their data on any cloud service. It is based on published research and employs crowdsourcing and a psychologically grounded model for risk estimation. PrivySeal provides three key services: 1) It determines the risk of sharing data items on the cloud; 2) it provides recommendations for risk mitigation and finally 3) it provides privacy enhancing technologies to mitigate the risk.

Software Overview

PrivySeal provides client side privacy enhancing technologies to end-users.

Some of the main features of the client-side include:

  • Encrpytion: PrivySeal allows users to encrypt their files.
  • Face Blurring: PrivySeal detects faces in images and allows users to blur them.
  • Hiding image parts: PrivySeal provides users the very attractive feature of manually selecting any part of an image and then blurring it.
  • Hiding metadata: PrivySeal can extract metadata from a wide variety of files and allows the users to hide any metadata item..
  • Thumbnail Generation: PrivySeal allows users to generate thumbnails of documents and images to share on the cloud along-with encrypted data items

The server side component has been implemented separately but is not part of this current release. However, it will soon be integrated here.

The server side component aggregates data from different clients and after each sharing operation from the clients, the context of the item and the policy applied are sent to the server. The server side then based on the processing and analysis of the crowdsourced information, guides users about the privacy risk that is posed by sharing diff erent items in di fferent contexts. We use Item Response Theory (IRT) which is a well-known psychometric function that has been widely used in psychology, education, public health, and computer adaptive testing.

The server side shall also provide recommendations to clients on what policies to apply to different data items in order to mitigate risk.


PrivySeal is available online at :

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